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If you dream of a lovely day away from the busy city life, look no further than the Ivaneia Restaurant on the slopes of beautiful, wine-rich Plešivica, only 40 kilometres away from Zagreb.

The Ivaneia Restaurant is just one among 40 good reasons to visit Plešivica. The Ivaneia family has always lived on Plešivica, and even today they cherish and preserve the fine traditions of the area – especially when it comes to tourism and catering. Our restaurant, which combines the best traditions with modern knowledge, is one of the prominent points of the Plešivica wine road, and offers great home-grown food and best wines from our vineyard. With seating capacity for 80 guests in two large rooms, and 30 more on the terrace, it is perfect for any special event. Delightfully situated at the centre of Plešivica (405 m altitude), our restaurant has a splendid view of the whole district, and when the weather is fine, the view reaches as far as Klek, Plješivica, Velika and Mala Kapela, and Petrova gora – sometimes even Velebit and Ueka.

Visit our restaurant and taste the perfect combination of quality products and a family atmosphere.