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If you wish to explore the delights of the mountain Plešivica and relish its natural beauties, as well as its famous wine and cuisine, come to the Ivaneia Restaurant, where the Ivaneia family is always busy making sure their guests feel the sheer pleasure of the country life.

A light meal is always a great start for a pleasant vacation - choose from or homemade products: ham and garlic sausages, bacon and fresh cheese with cream - or have it all combined in the superb plate Ivaneia. Vegetable beef soup with homemade noodles and cream soup with mushrooms are a great introduction to something more substantial: game meat lovers should continue with piquant deer stew with dumplings. The house specialties are veal dishes and turkeys, ducks and geese raised on pasture. And then of course there is the excellent Stroganoff, the bifteck (beef steak) with green pepper, and a wide choice of barbecue and grill dishes, not to mention the traditional recipes like cabbage with dried meat and roasted or blood sausages with cabbage and stewed potatoes. For dessert, try apple, cherry or cheese strudel, and don't forget the delicious štrukle - rolls prepaired with pastry and cottage cheese.

Needless to say, great food is always best combined with great wine. The Ivaneia family has a long tradition of viticulture and wine production - in their vineyard of 4000 vines, they are growing the best grapes to produce the best wines. Light red Portugizac Plešivica should be mentioned here, as well as the house wine made from varieties of Graševina - Welschriesling, then Silvanac - Grüner Silvaner, Rizling - Rhine Riesling... And you can always try something else from the restaurant's wine list…